Thursday, May 7, 2015

Kimenuka !...Wema Sepetu Confronts Aunty Ezekiel Whole Night Just Because of Zari The Boss Lady !

Things are not going well between Wema Sepetu and Aunty Ezekiel. Yesterday we posted here Aunty likes Zari and what she does so she would like to be friends but she is afraid her friendship with Wema will capsize.
Well.....according to new reports Aunty and Wema confronted whole night recently following Aunty's ad post on her instagram account. The ad was about Zari's All White Party. Aunty posted the ad post claiming she was annoyed by the cellular network which frequently sent her the promo message about Zari.

In fact many users of the mobile network got that promo message not Aunty Alone, so it is said that Aunty promoted Zari and Diamond's event in that unique way so that Wema could not find it but eventually Wema found it and they started to confront.

For those who don't know Aunty's boyfriend Moze Iyobo is Diamond Platnumz' dancer so Aunty was in a juncture either to choose Wema by neglecting All White Party or being on Moze Iyobo's side by promoting the Party so that they can survive.......Lol

What do you think.

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