Thursday, May 7, 2015

Diamond And Zari Got Married Few Days Before All White Party...But The Reasons Are Questionable.

Is this true?........I personally don't believe it but Diamond Platnumz says he got married to Zari few days before Zari' All White Party at Mlimani City. Speaking with Globalpublishers Diamond said that his mother is sick but when she recovered recently he and Zari decided to have a secret wedding.

"If you talk about marriage we had it recently but it was a secret affair, it was here in Dar but I can't tell you exactly where it took place, we decided to be secret and it has already happened, it was few days before Mlimani City's show, you know my mother has been sick but somehow she was ok recently so we didn't want to have a big ceremony" said Diamond

But when the paparazzi contacted one of Diamond's close friends and asked him about the issue he said he has no idea about Diamond getting married to Zari secretlyand revealed he thinks that can't be because Diamond always likes to publicize her things so the wedding too had to be in that way.

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