Saturday, March 21, 2015

Photos: Meet Ali Kiba's Gorgeous Young Sister Zabibu Kiba.

Zabibu Kiba and Ali Kiba
Ali Kiba is a star singer loved by many people in and outside Tanzania but I'm sure many of his fans don't know he has a beautiful young sister named Zabibu apart from his young brother Abdu Kiba who is also a singer....

Well,...Zabibu is beautiful, and Yesterday was her birthday, there was a a birthday bash attended by her brothers Ali Kiba and Abdu Kiba,

Tundaman also attended her birthday party........

We would like to see her too on TV or hear her voice on Radio we bet she has amazing vocal like her brothers although we are not sure is she is also talented or has any plans to join the showbiz.
It was cake time during the B-day bash........

Anyhow, you are gorgeous Zabibu but we would like to see any of talent you have like your brothers.

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