Saturday, May 28, 2016

Wema Sepetu Talks About Zari Being In Love With Diamond + Asks Fans To Vote For Diamond BET Awards 2016.

This week Ali Kiba who is said to be in a long time beef with Diamond Platnumz in an interview with Planet Bongo asked his fans to vote for Diamond for his BET nomination for Best International Act Africa. And this time Diamond's ex Wema Sepetu too have asked her fans to vote for the superstar. Through instagram Wema who recently launched her own mobile application said..

Friday, May 27, 2016

Trolled By Team Wema Isn't Enough ....Harmonize To Be Sued By Wema Sepetu For Dissing Her ?

Promising singer Harmonize has been trolled by Wema Sepetu's fans for the whole week now after his short clip mocking Wema Sepetu went viral on the internet. In the clip Harmonize artistically says "don't do abortion and end up regretting like Sepetu"

Competition !.....Wema Sepetu Takes Beauty Tips From Rival Superstar Zari The Boss Lady ?

This is hot gossip !!!    ...Four weeks ago Zari shared a post on instagram on how to remove stretch marks at an early phase of pregnancy by using olive oil or tissue oil

"It's Thursday but this is coming with some motivation..... Apply olive oil or tissue oil from the early stages of your pregnancy it helps keep skin saple which will reduce stretch marks and if you already have it will lessen their appearance. But remember results vary from body types, genetics etc. Either way, it partially works. Kindly note there is no medicine that completely removes stretch marks, don't ever spend an arm for such. It doesn't exist.." wrote Zari

Lulu And Dude's Ni Noma To Hit Screens This July.

Lulu Elizabeth Michael, Dude Kulwa Kikumba and Isarito's new film Ni Noma is will be out on 15 July. Short last year the film is produced by Proin Promotions and and it's teaser featuring Lulu and a white actor is already gaining positive review.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Photos: Cookie Iyobo To Dethrone Princess Tiffah Platnumz As The Most Popular Star Kid ?

Over the weekend Aunty Ezekiel and Mose Iyobo organized the first ever birthday bash of their daughter Cookie who also had her public debut. Since Cookie is a star kid she has too an instagram account which now has over 100k followers fans on social media have started saying Cookie will dethrone Princess Tiffah Platnumz' social media dominance . Do you agree ?.
 currently Princess Tiffah has over 500k followers on instagram and her account has more than seven months. check out more photos of Cookie Iyobo below.......

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Photos: Migrants Flipped Into The Sea As Their Overcrowded Boat Overturns Off The Libyan Coast.

Over a hundreds refugees were thrown into water when their wooden boat capsized off the Libyan coast. The vessel which was crammed with refugees, started to lean on to its side and when it was apparent it was going to capsize, the frantic passengers began to dive into the water and swim for their lives. 

Shocking !.. Wolper To Sue Her Congolese Man After He Took Nude Photos Of Hers And Threatened To Spread Them If She Dumps Him.

Actress Jacqueline Wolper has admitted why she broke up with her Congolese fiance despite getting engaged a few months ago and introducing him to her family. Speaking on Take One on Clouds TV Wolper comfirmed dating Harmonize currently and she revealed why she left the Congolese tycoon. She said the man is married has a child, worse still he took Wolper's nude videos and picture one day when Wolper was drunk and she knew nothing happened untill later on, He did such inhuman acts so that Wolper can't break up with him..

Jason Derulo And 50 Cent's Baby Mama, Japhne Joy Split After Six Months Together.

Singer Jason Derulo and his girlfriend Daphne Joy have broken up. According to TMZ, Daphne is the one who ended the relationship although the pair are still good friends.

Photos: Swarm of 20,000 Bees Chase Car Around UK For 2 Days After 'Queen' Trapped In Boot

A bizarre and extremely dangerous situation occurred in South Wales this week as a swarm of bees, about 20,000 followed an oblivious driver home for two miles after a queen bee got trapped in the boot of the car. National Park ranger, Tom, noticed the bees swarm and called on Bee collectors to come handle the situation before someone got hurt...

New Music - Natafuta Kiki By Raymond

Raymond from WCB Label has dropped new single whilst his recently released Kwetu still continues to do well on radios and TVs.