Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Aunty Ezekiel Is Fond of Zari And Wants To Be Her Friend But Fears Her Friendship With Wema Sepetu Will Go Kaput.

Hot gossip is that Aunty Ezekiel is a big fan of Zari and she wants to be her friend but the problem is Wema Sepetu. Wema is Aunty's best friend while Zari is Wema's arch rival as we all know Zari  is now with Diamond Platnumz who used to be Wema's boyfriend for more than three years before their separation.

An insider from Aunty and Wema further told Swahiliworldplanet that Aunty likes how Zari uses well opportunities which come her way to earn money so she want to learn from her too, Plus Aunty wants to be Zari's friend believing they can exchange maternal experiences as they are both pregnant but Aunty has been hiding it just because she will jeopardize her friendship with Wema Sepetu.

" Aunty is very fond of Zari, she wants to be her close friend so that they can exchange maternal experiences too but Aunty is afraid her friendship with Wema won't be strong anymore because Wema won't be happy with it" said the source

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