Friday, April 10, 2015

Mama Kanumba: Lulu Liked Kanumba's Death To Get Success She Has Now... Lulu Responds Back.

Lulu Elizabeth Michael and Mama Kanumba are not in good terms like they used to be, even on 7th during the death anniversary of Steven Kanumba the actress didn't show up. Mama Kanumba even went far to say perhaps Lulu wanted Kanumba to die to get success she has now.

Speaking with Globalpublishers Mama Kanumba said

"Lulu has changed, she once told me she won't leave me alone but it has been different, nowadays she doesn't come to greet or phone me, sometimes I think may be she loved the death of Kanumba so that she can get the great success she has today, Lulu has abandoned me" said Mama Kanumba

on Tuesrday this week it was Kanumba's death anniversary so Mama Kanumba went to clean her son's grave at Kinondoni Graveyard she once again spoke to Globalpublishers ....

"I'm very sorry for Lulu's changes, she is now different from her previous promises that she will be hand in hand with me in commemorating Kanumba's death, like you see today she hasn't showed up, again I'm very sorry for Lulu because she organized her young brother's birthday on 6th(Monday) at posta which is the same day of Kanumba's death"

"worse still, when people ask her why she isn't familiar with me now like in the beginning she gives no clear answer just because she had intention not to fulfill what she said" added Mama Kanumba

"Once Lulu promised to put Kanumba's picture in a frame and put it on her grave but she hasn't do it till now, I will do it myself, may be she neglected it because she is continuing getting success as an artist, she is a superstar that is why she is making fake promises" concluded Mama Kanumba

When paparazzi contacted Lulu for comment about her issue with Mama Kanumba her phone was unreachable but few days later  paparazzi asked Lulu about a point of view about her general life and she said.....

"Now I have different view about life, first of all I don't think I will cry again for Kanumba because I have already cried a lot for him, the one I can cry for now is my mother(Lucresia Kalugira) and my young brother not someone else, now I want to take care of my family"

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