Saturday, November 26, 2016

An Open Letter To Superstar Wema Sepetu From a Fed-up, Die-Hard Fan From Kenya

Wema Sepetu is loved by many , and as she marks 10 years in the showbiz a Kenyan die-hard fan, identified as Acy decided to write the below letter to Wema who has achieved huge fame in Tanzania and even  beyond....

"Dear Wema Sepetu,
2016 marks ten years since you were crowned Miss Tanzania and you still shine baby girl. You’re a gem that keeps shining no matter the tough circumstances that you’re passed through. Looking at how far you have come motivates a lot of people not to give up on their dreams. Today I want you to take a walk down memory lane and look at what you have achieved so far. I believe you had dreams that have been fulfilled and more dreams that are yet to be fulfilled.

First you were crowned as Miss Tanzania in 2006 and then ventured into the acting industry. You have been in a number of movies and your fans have applauded you for that and still hope that you will deliver more since you stand out. With time you started the Endless Fame company which was a very great achievement and under this company you gave us your reality show “In my shoes” which was received positively. Endless fame also gave us Mirror who is doing quite well in the music industry. Later on you opened up a perfume shop “Endless Perfection” and finally the signature product “Kiss by Wema Sepetu.” Kiss has been received with open arms and is even on demand outside of Tanzania. Not forgetting the numerous awards you have received and are yet to receive. Girl you have worked had and achieved you need a pat on the shoulder. I am actually very proud of you.
Wema, just your name itself sells. You are a brand and you can achieve more than you have achieved. I need you to do something for yourself, stand in-front of a mirror and look at the lady on the other side. Talk to that girl and ask her “Wema how are you today? How are you feeling? What does Wema want? How bad does she want it? Is it worth it? How Will she achieve this?” After all it is what you want to achieve and how you want it. Wema you have the potential to achieve a lot. You have what it takes to do everything and anything, like I said just the name WEMA sells itself. You need to understand your worth baby girl because you’re worth more than you think. You are a business lady, you are money, you are a brand, I mean you are everything Miss Wema Sepetu but you need to work hard to achieve what God created you to achieve.
Wema have you realized that you give more than you get in return? You need to force yourself to see through people. You need to understand that even when you have a pure and clean heart sometimes you have to protect yourself from harm. Wema you do not need  a thousand friends you only need two or three loyal ones. People you know would go down the grave with your secrets. You need to find people who have the same dreams as you or people who will push you beyond your limits just to see you fulfill your dreams. You need to identify everyone who wishes you well and those who do not wish you well, this will help you stay away from unnecessary attacks.
It is high time you became expensive for everyone. Let go off the Wema everyone created and be you. People have stamped you several names that do not befit you. People say you’re stubborn because they created a stubborn Wema. People say Wema cares less but that is the Wema they created. People say Wema doesn’t listen but they created this Wema. You need to shake off all these stamps and be you. I do not know you personally but from what I have seen you are nothing close to stubborn, careless or someone who doesn’t listen. You need to be tough on yourself because only you know how much you want to achieve.
So Wema Sepetu ten years down the line your fans are asking for more. Your fans need to see Wema because they still believe in you. I asked them on my instagram page what they would tell you and girl you are loved. There are people out here who will always love you no matter what and they wish you the best. Girl it is time for you to look at that girl in the mirror and tell her “wake up it is time for us to shine again.”

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