Monday, July 18, 2016

I Don't Know Mama Diamond Platnumz Even If I Meet Her: Says Mama Wema Sepetu

Can you believe this ?.... Mama Wema Sepetu says she doesn't know Mama Diamond, she said that after she was asked if it is true Wema and Diamond  want to be together again and when Mama Diamond's name was mentioned she said....
"let me say I don't know Mama Diamond, even if I meet her it will be hard to recognize her may be to introduce herself to me first, but I appreciate what she did recently by posting Wema's pic (on instagram) with Idris from their show Black Tie with patriotic captions" said Mama Wema

Wema Sepetu dated Diamond for a long time however her mother never approved their relationship although Mama Diamond was just Okay and she was seen with Wema in different occasions.

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