Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm Team Kiba, He Is My Friend I'm Supporting Him But I Still Love Diamond's Music: Wema Sepetu

This might be none of my business but I think some of you remember Wema Sepetu more than twice in the past was quoted as saying Diamond is his favorite Tanzanian singer, she used to say that in interviews when they were together as a couple. But now it has changed after their separation. Recently Wema has been promoting and supporting tirelessly Ali Kiba and asking her fans especially on Instagram to vote for Ali Kiba for Kili Music Awards 2015.
She has been constantly doing that. Even some people and fans started to believe Wema is revenging because Ali Kiba is Diamond Platnumz arch rival and now Diamond is dating Zari, plus we all know what happened recently between Wema and Aunty Ezekiel just because Aunty promoted Zari's All White Party on her instagram .

Now, speaking with Ala Za Roho on Clouds fm this Monday Wema revealed she is Team Kiba but she still loves Diamond's music.

"Ali and I are very good friends, Ali sent me message via WhatsApp and he sent me about 4 promo photos of Kili Music Awards, I asked Him which one to post? he said all, I posted all, he said he will send me another ones, I asked him how many categories are you nominated in, he said 7, I told him OK send me all I will post, he said Ok send me your Tuzo Za Watu posts so that I can post too, and I took it as a support, I'm supporting my friend, I'm Team Kiba." said Wema

Wema also said that she doesn't see any problem if she is Team Diamond too "I Love his(Diamond) music, If appears someone to say Diamond can't sing that person is a hater, the boy can really sing" added Wema

Anyhow, considering Ali Kiba and Diamond are arch rival, do you think if Wema and Diamond were still together as a couple she still could promote Ali Kiba and ask fans to vote him in the name of  "I'm supporting my friend" and at the same time Kiba competing with Diamond in the same categories ...?

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