Monday, August 31, 2015

Read What Supermodel Millen Magese Said 14 Years After Winning Miss Tanzania Crown.

"Aug 31st 2001 I was crowned as the Beauty queen of My beautiful Tanzania (Miss Tanzania 2001).....One day I will probably speak to how much this crown meant to me and changed my life .
(I was among the very very poor contestant and the very sick one to passing out few days before the main show ,many laughed ,saying I couldn't win because they thought I had epilepsy (Never Judge anyone you're just a human ) But I was from a very good family and good management (Thank you Ben Kisaka from Temeke) And I won !!! ......Amazing people borrowed me clothes(Thank you @ireneKiwia @mspaulsen(Madam Rita) .........I represented my Country.14 years later ............I'm here..... Not arrived yet but very grateful.......We must always remember God's plans works better and when it is your time .....No one can take it from you . You don't have to give anything to reach your goals than believing yourself ,believe God will give what is yours and work towards it ."

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