Saturday, July 25, 2015

Wema Sepetu Fails Miserably Nominations For MP Special Seats + Being Scandalous Is a Source?

Wema Sepetu has failed to get enough votes from CCM members in Singida to represent the region as member of parliament for special seats(women). The nominations held today and the former Miss Tanzania and actress failed miserably. Here are the votes....

1.Aysharose Mattembe (311)
2.Martha Mlata (235)
3.Diana Chilolo (182)
4.Wema Sepetu (90)

After the results Wema Sepetu congratulated fellow candidates and also thanked all who supported her, she said she hasn't losr hope but her political journey has started officially as they is next time. be
Some say she didn't make it because of her countless scandals.

What do you think....?

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