Thursday, July 23, 2015

D'Banj Complains Diamond Is Taking Time To Do Their Collabo, But Diamond Has Good Response

Nigerian music superstar D'banj approached Diamond Platnumz to do a song with him months ago but things didn't go as planned as D'banj complained Diamond has taken time to do the most anticipated collabo. But D'banj who has also worked with some American artists said that by the end of this year the project will be ready.

On the other side speaking with Clouds fm Diamond said that he very much wants to work with D'banj and they talked about the project while in S.Africa during the making of Cocoa and Chocolate but at the time he thought doing a collabo with big artist like D'banj wasn't the right time as he didn't want to do it then remaining at the same spot when it comes to his career progress, so he wanted to do it strategically by climbing the ladder slowly by doing collabos with other artists then after the right time  doing it with D'banj as planned to make his music career progress very well.

"We met during the making of Cocoa and Chocolate by Do Agric, we were supposed to do a song together but I feared starting doing a song with big artist(D'banj) will be hard to remain at the same peak you must start stage by stage so that next time when you release new song you people see you as a progressing artist, not doing a song with big artist then after a sometime you go back, I think that is the reason I didn't do my first song with him" Said Diamond

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