Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Ali Kiba We Love You But You Are Letting Us Down: Tired Ali Kiba's Fans Scream

Fans of singer Ali Kiba were very excited when he came back after his almost three years silence, he returned with two hit songs Mwana and Kimasomaso then he released another hit song Chekecha Cheketua late in February. But it seems his fans are yet to be satisfied by his comeback following his slow moves, he also takes long time to releases his videos after audio release, apart from that many of his videos have been panned by both fans and music professionals  despite his great audio and splendid vocal.

Now, through instagram his fans have decided to slam him claiming they are tired of waiting his new videos including Chekecha Cheketua, although Kiba himself about two weeks ago he said Chekecha video is delayed because of S. African xenophobia which took place in April. But his Chekecha Cheketua audio was release at the end of February this year. And taking it Team Diamond too have been throwing sheds to Team Kiba so Team Kiba gets angry twice !.....below are  some comments of Kiba's fans criticizing their King........
What do you think.....the problem is Ali Kiba himself, fans or his management....?

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