Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nakaaya Sumari Responds To Mange Kimambi After Exposing Alleged Hostility With Nancy Sumari.

A few days ago popular and very controversial Tanzanian blogger Mange Kimambi through her blog had a post about former Miss Tanzania and Miss World Africa 2005 Nancy Sumari and her sister Nakaaya Sumari who is also a singer. In the post Mange said that the two have been in a long time conflict and the cause is Nancy Sumari and she isn't ready to end it while Nakaaya is only a victim and she likes a lot her young sister Nancy.

Mange said she knew Nakaaya and Nancy even before they became famous in their respective entertainment fields, Mange said that she know reasons why the two have been in enmity although she didn't want to expose it but urged the two especially Nancy to think twice and end their differences.

For those who don't know before winning the Miss Tanzania crown in 2005, Nancy Sumari was the 1st runner up at Miss Dar Indian Occean behind Natalie Noel and the organizer was non other than Mange Kimambi.

 So, Nakaaya saw the post which drew many comments from readers and below is what Nakaaya said.......
What do you think..........?

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