Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pregnant Hamisa Mobeto Beats Out Heavily Pregnant Aunty Ezekiel.

Model and actress Hamisa Mobeto who is now months pregnant is attending maternal clinic almost every week to ensure her health and the baby is in good condition.
A reliable source told  Swahiliworldplanet  Hamisa is going to a certain hospital in Masaki, Dar es salaam every week and she has been prohibited to party too much and other risky things pregnant women aren't allowed to do. "Hamisa attends clinic accordingly, she is not partying now" said the source

We have not seen Hamisa in those showbiz based parties in recent weeks. Contrary to Hamisa, actress Aunty Eziekiel who is now heavily pregnant continues to party like never before, something which has led the actress to receive negative criticism from the media and fans.

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