Monday, March 23, 2015

Mange Kimambi Disses Shamim Mwasha So Terribly.

Mange Kimambi has dissed and lashed out to Shamim Mwasha who is a socialite, popular blogger and entrepreneur like her. Mange slammed Shamim through her blog(u-turn), the reason is, Mange accused Shamim for stealing her idea of selling liquid lipstick in Tanzania for the first time(as Mange claimed). On 21 March Mange who is Tanzanian based in the U.S.A had a post on her blog to promote her new arrival liquid lipstick asking her ardent  readers and clients who like to order. But According to Mange her arch rival Shamim Mwasha saw what she posted so Shamim too posted on her Instagram and her blog(8020fashions) to promote the liquid lipstick for someone else who sells the lipstick not her(Shamim). 

That is where Mange disliked and started to slam and dissing Shamim inside out claiming she always copies what she starts to sell just to destroy her way to success. Mange even said Shamim's husband is a drug dealer and Shamim doesn't know how to dress her kids in spite of the fact that she calls herself a fashionista and modern lady !

In recent years the two have been said to be in a beef but when Shamim asked she denies it, even recently in an interview with Mwananchi Shamim denied being in a beef with Mange but waht Mange wrote on her blogs shows the two are not in good terms ant all.

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