Saturday, February 21, 2015

Actress Cassie Kabwita Dating a Young Millionaire From Arusha.

Cassie and her boyfriend from Arusha
February being a month of love Mzee Wa Swaga actress celebrated hers in style in a new relationship with a Tanzanian young millionaire based in Arusha. This young millionaire whose name is not yet disclosed happens to be the host of JB and the crew during the shoot of the recently released MZEE WA SWAGGA in Arusha.
he gave JB and his crew a car to use with full tank fuel, and he also gave them his guest house to use in the movie as Barbra's (Cassie Kabwita ) house. He was willing to go an extra mile just to make sure that JB and his crew are comfortable in Arusha but little did everyone know that he had his eyes set on the Zambian actress.

 Cassie and the young millionaire never said a word to each other while shooting in Arusha for reasons best know to themselves, it is believed that the first time they spoke was in December 2014 after the young millionaire traveled all the way from Arusha to Dar to look for Cassie's Zambian number from JB who apparently returned the favor by giving him the number of his best friend actress from zambia.

 Since then the couple has been communicating using all sorts of methods available. The beautiful and talented award winning international actress who is suspected to be in the country visiting her man in Arusha confirmed this in her recent posts on Facebook last night she posted things like. "YOU ONLY LOVE ONCE #Arusha" my tanzanite # Arusha " nikiwa nae sitembei, na kuwa tu kipepeo # Arusha" Currently Cassie kabwita's profile picture on face book is for newly found lover boy from Arusha.

 We shall let you know as soon as we get a hold of the actress. Our source said that the actress is planing of relocating to Arusha Tanzania before the end of this year


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