Friday, October 31, 2014

It Is Not Only Aunty Ezekiel, I do Kiss On Lips My Sister And My Mama: Wema Sepetu

After Wema Sepetu and Aunty Ezekiel's photo of their controversial kiss went viral, the popular actress and former Miss Tanzania 2006 has come out to explain the incident which took place on 27 October at Aunty Ezekiel's birthday bash.

Speaking on Power Jams, East Africa Radio Wema said it is true she kissed Aunty on her lips and she does so to many people whom they are very close to her not Aunty alone so it is normal to her, Wema even went further to explain she does kiss her sisters and her mother that way so she and Aunty are not lesbians as some people try to think that.

"Yes I kissed her, it is not only her, I kiss my daughter, I kiss my sister, I kiss just people who are close to me, kissing on the lips for girls to girls is very very okay, it is not okay for men to girls or men to men, for girls to girls if you guys are like really close and you are attached, because I kiss my mama, I kiss my sister on lips"

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