Friday, November 18, 2016

OMG: Sabby Angel And Husband Break Up 5 Days After Their Marriage !.... This Is What Sabby Said

 Looks like luck wasn't on actress and singer Sabby Angel's side !..apparently Sabby's marriage which took place on 22 October this year is no more. Sabby's marriage came to life only after 5 days before their split. One source gave us the exclusive news and soon Sabby herself took to social media to slam a man believed to be her husband, the gorgeous actress even regretted giving birth to a son although she later on deleted the post. Also Sabby has deleted all wedding photos on her social media accounts .

And when Swahiliworldplanet contacted Sabby to get more details of her failed marriage, she said it is true she is no longer in marriage, when asked the reason is because the man didn't want her to continue being an entertainer she said that is one of the reasons and others are so personal.
Yes it is true, It ended by 7 days, that's one of the reasons as well as very other personal reasons. I can't talk much right now. But soon I will release screenshots andvoice note of intense incidents that led up to me asking for a divorce. Actually we separated just after 5 days, I will release only because am reading a lot of wrong speculations from fans blaming me for being married for just 7 days without knowing I wouldn't have gotten married either just to divorce in 7 days!" said the Inahusu star Sabby who got fame for films like Siri Ya Giningi and Hard Price continued "Am not mentally unstable and am very disappointed to see some comments blaming that Artist we are just 'Whores" not knowing I am a very well mannered Single mother for over 7 years and I don't deserve such critics. Considering one of the reasons I agreed to marriage is stop the tarnishes I was getting for being a Successful beautiful single mom actress/singer. All in all I have released I will just do ME.I will do whatever is beat for me and my son. desminding whatever anybody else things. Though one thing that should be gotten clear is My Professional life has nothing to do with my Personal life and it's high time our society starts realizing that and stop condemning its own artist for things which are none of there business."

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