Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Top 10 Popular Tanzania's Actresses With Poor Acting Skills.

Tanzanian film industry is keeping growing and new actresses are launched every day. Tanzania has countless talented actresses and some have attained huge fame. There are also very popular and beautiful actresses in our industry although their huge popularity don't match their acting prowess. They are mostly known and talked about for their personal lives while they keep performing poorly in their movies though still their films sell because of their fame.  Swahiliworldplanet brings to you 10  famous Tanzanian actresses who have performed poorly in most of their films.....

1. Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa tops this list, we wonder how she get those movie roles with no acting talent she has shown in few movies she has appeared in. She has got opportunities two work with JB, Ray and more but in those movies she ended up flaunting her beauty and modelling skills not good acting. In every movie role she walks like a runway model, her dialog delivery is poor. Though Chausiku and V.I.P released in recent years her performances went entirely unnoticed.

2. Wellu Sengo.
Her debut film was Matilda released in 2013, she played a dancer who falls in love with Hemedy. Wellu has dancing background and she is a talented dancer and she even competed for Vaa, Imba, Cheza Kama Rihanna way back before her debut in the film industry. But her acting and dancing in Matilda was poor. Even editing and special effects of her dancing scenes in the movie were horrible. But she got noticed mainly because of her beauty and hot shape. Since then she has appeared in more than 10 films with no so great improvement as an actress.

3. Jokate Mwegelo
The so-called multi-talented Jokate has indeed performed poorly in almost all of her movies. She debuted in Fake Pastors years ago. Although the film's story was good but it's leading ladies namely Jokate and Lisa Jensen both under performed. Today Lisa is a forgotten actress while Jokate keep doing movies. She has done From China With Love, Chumo, Mikono Salama. Although she was average in Chumo but she ended up being overshadowed by Johari in From China With Love. Even we wonder how she got Best actress for Mikono Salama at ZIFF since she didn't do justice to the role !. But we can conclude that she won the award because the year's movies submitted were few. We think Jokate should stick to presenting and designing not acting. She has so poor expressions and least convincing acting.

4. Kajala Masanja.
One of today's top celebs but Kajala's acting is below average. She got the chance to work with the late Steven Kanumba in  Kijiji Cha Tambua Haki and Devil Kingdom with Nigeria's celebrated actor Ramsey Nouh but both in these movies she had nothing to do as actress. Even in a famous film like Kigodoro she went unnoticed in front of Riyama Ally and Mama Abdul who stole the show. Now Kajala has her own film company Kajala Entertainment so we believe she likes acting thus she should make sure she improves her acting prowess too.

5.Jacqueline Pentezel.
She is a former beauty queen turned actress, she has appeared in many movies. But she is mainly known for her scandals and personal life.

6. Aunty Ezekiel
Aunty's acting is still  poor despite her great fame, she has acted with almost all well-known actors, JB, Ray, Kanumba, Gabo you mention. In some few films she performed average but most of her works are decorated by mini-dresses she wears not acting skills. She is also producing films through her Cream Entertainment company. We advise Aunty to attend acting classes.

Shilole is currently doing well in music although in both movies and music she is yet to impress critics with her talent. She rose to fame for her personal life in the media but she is yet to have best work to be proud of.

8. Baby Madaha
She might be a talented singer not a talented actress, she is yet to show us her acting talent despite the fact that she has acted in over 10 films
9.Wema Sepetu
Who doesn't know Wema Sepetu !..even one year old child knows who Wema is. Apparently Wema is a superstar no discussion about that. Her movies do good business, but she is highly popular for personal life and her relationships especially with superstar Diamond Platnumz is still the most talked about in the media although they parted ways in late 2014. Wema has huge fan following but her acting is very normal lets is say poor. According to her fans in and outside Tanzania, no one like Wema even in acting. But when we look at her career graph it is had to say this or that is her best performance, but she looked good in Red Valentine. In some movies Wema's voice also need to be dubbed by another actress, her voice is very choosy when it comes to characters. But we think if she becomes serious with acting she will perform well

10.Irene Uwoya
 We can't say Uwoya has no acting talent at all, she has but in most of her movies she wears same expressions. Sometimes in movies her cry doesn't match what she is crying for. Even in her first outing film Diversion of Love we doubt how she got best debut award. Her performance in the film was weak, However, she somehow improved later in her movies but we are yet to be satisfied. She is known for her bold movies including Oprah. Uwoya has also great fan base in and outside Tanzania. She is very well known in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi. she still have the potential as an actress so if she get focused she will prove us wrong. Her claim to fame is personal life and scandals.

All in all we can include we love our actors thus we criticize and advise them so that they can improve. These actresses have appeared in many movies most of them, so we want to see something new from them as actresses and performers.

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