Friday, June 24, 2016

Irene Uwoya Gets Special Invitation From President Uhuru Kenyatta To kenyan State House.

Tanzanian popular actress Irene Uwoya has caught Kenyan President Uhuru Jomo Kenyatta's attention. According to reports by Globalpublishers the screen diva received special invitation from President Uhuru Kenyatta to Kenyan State House claimed he loves her movies . Kenyatta sent his messengers to Tanzania recently and firstly they met Irene Uwoya's parents at Mbezi Beach, Dar es salaam. Thereafter they were directed to Uwoya's home at Sinza Mori.

At first, Uwoya was a bit nervous but when she was insisted no need to worry because it is real President Uhuru Kenyatta she accepted the invitation. When asked by Globalpublishers an excited Uwoya had this to say "It is true I got the invitation and personally I'm so happy frankly but there are some personal things currently kept me busy but after two weeks I will be in Kenya just for the invitation"

About four years ago Uwoya was invited by Burundian president, However when she got there she couldn't meet him since at the time the president got too busy, and she was told to meet next time. Uwoya is one of Tanzanian actors with huge fan following. A few years ago she, Vicent Kigosi Ray, the late Steven Kanumba, and Johari Blandina Chagula were welcomed by huge crowd in Congo, Rwanda and Burundi something which even shocked Tanzanian leaders meaning Tanzanian films are watched by many.

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