Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shocking !.. Wolper To Sue Her Congolese Man After He Took Nude Photos Of Hers And Threatened To Spread Them If She Dumps Him.

Actress Jacqueline Wolper has admitted why she broke up with her Congolese fiance despite getting engaged a few months ago and introducing him to her family. Speaking on Take One on Clouds TV Wolper comfirmed dating Harmonize currently and she revealed why she left the Congolese tycoon. She said the man is married has a child, worse still he took Wolper's nude videos and picture one day when Wolper was drunk and she knew nothing happened untill later on, He did such inhuman acts so that Wolper can't break up with him..

"I kept quite after he took nude photos and videos of mine" said Wolper while crying
"talking how I saw them will be disrespecting him since there was something very bad he did, there were problems happened so I didn't want to be close to him, I was stressed and drinking all the time, one day when I got too drunk he was told where I was, I was with one of my elder and young sisters, I was out of councious, he came and took me to his home, he undressed me and I didn't know what was going on, he thet took nude videos and photos of mine" said Wolper

Wolper said she asked him to delete those videos and photos but the man threatened to spread them on social media to destroy her reputations

"Something astonished me two weeks ago, he said when he discoveres I'm no more with him, a thing he will do to me Tanzanians will close their eyes, I have all his messaged and handed them on to my lawyer, he said the thing he will do to me Tanzanians won't believe, I told him I know you took nude photos and videos of mine, he said you only know that? so I don't know anyething else because I never did bad thing to him" added Wolper

Wolper who has acted in countless movies said that, the man sent her to S.Africa for studies but she stayed there threee months with no sign of starting her studies so she returned to Tanzania.

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