Friday, May 27, 2016

Competition !.....Wema Sepetu Takes Beauty Tips From Rival Superstar Zari The Boss Lady ?

This is hot gossip !!!    ...Four weeks ago Zari shared a post on instagram on how to remove stretch marks at an early phase of pregnancy by using olive oil or tissue oil

"It's Thursday but this is coming with some motivation..... Apply olive oil or tissue oil from the early stages of your pregnancy it helps keep skin saple which will reduce stretch marks and if you already have it will lessen their appearance. But remember results vary from body types, genetics etc. Either way, it partially works. Kindly note there is no medicine that completely removes stretch marks, don't ever spend an arm for such. It doesn't exist.." wrote Zari

And now we hear her rival superstar Wema Sepetu has too started using the tips to remove stretch marks for best skin results. A source who happens to be in Wema's empire says "like any other woman Wema too had some stretch marks and she didn't like how she looked, she was pregnant and you all witnessed her abrupt overweight which came with bad results, she is now applying olive oil which she didn't use before, I'm used to her dressing table and I bet she took the hints from Zari on instagram" said our snitch while laughing out loudly.

What do you think.....?

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