Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lulu Is The Fastest Tanzania's Celebrity With 1 Million Hits On Instagram + Surpasses Ali Kiba's Popularity.

Lulu is Tanzania's social media queen !...We all know late in April 2015 the gorgeous actress deleted her instagram account which had more than 430,000 read it Here . But a few months later she came back, her fans were so glad and her account attracted lots of followers to see her updates.
Weeks ago (less than a year) she reached 1 million instagram followers, this was the fastest one and never happened to any Tanzanian celebrity before even Diamond and Wema Sepetu took almost 2 years to reach that followers. And remember before she deleted her account she was behind Diamond and Wema with few followers differences. now Diamond has 2,100,000 plus followers while Wema has 1,600,000 plus followers on instagram.

Surprisingly if not interestingly Lulu has surpassed Ali Kiba's instagram followers and popularity despite deleting her account. When she was back on the site Kiba who is said to be Diamond's competitor had already more than 400,000  followers now Kiba has 1,090,000 plus followers while Lulu now has 1.100,000

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