Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Never Separated With Irene Uwoya And We Are Still Together: Hamad Ndikumana

Many think Rwandani footballer Hamad Ndikumana and Tanzanian actress Irene Uwoya have already separated long time ago but Ndikumana has come out to deny it. In a new interview with Zamaradi Mketema of Clouds TV Ndikumana said that they are not living together but they are still together.

"I didn't break up with Irene Uwoya though we aren't living together, she lives in Dar while I'm living in Kigali, Rwanda, I do still pray football but I plan to study coaching in the future after my retirement as a footballer" he said

Also Ndikumana has joined films and his debut is titled Kwanini Nisimuoe also stars Lucy Komba who discovered Irene Uwoya, the film released this Monday. Ndiku and Uwoya had an expensive wedding in 2009 but later on they come into frequent marital conflicts.

After rumors of separation with Ndikumana Uwoya was reportedly dating Kenyan musician Jagaur and the two talked about being interested in each other and they said they have plans to get married although in one of her interviews about four months ago when asked about Ndikumana Uwoya declined to talk about him and later on Uwoya's photos showing him with Ndikumana in Rwanda leaked on the internet.

But it is clear Ndikumana is the one who was and is still deeply in love with Irene Uwoya since even their history of their love life shows it all. Together the two have a son named Krish.

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