Friday, January 22, 2016

Kimenuka !...Jokate And Ali Kiba Part Ways ....Reason Is Kiba Cheating On Jokate With His Ex-Girlfriend.

Reportedly Jokate Mwegelo and Ali Kiba have parted ways, according to sources the two top celebrities have been in frequent conflicts and the reason is Kiba's unfaithfulness. Jokate has been seeing love messages on Kiba's phone from his ex-girlfriend living in abroad, Jokate withstood the situation hoping for changes but nothing positive happened. It is also said Kiba has been saying he will marry the girl living in abroad not Jokate.

According to a source by Globalpublishers another reason is that their relationship wasn't approved by parents from both sides and the reason is their religious differences, Jokate being christian while Kiba is Muslim. Jokate's parents didn't like Kiba as son in law while Kiba's mother and other siblings liked Jokate. So these two big reasons made the couple to have no strength as iniatially though they had plans to live together and have children.

According to insider by Globalpublishers the two have been in meeting to revive their love but in vain.

When Kiba asked about it he denied to give details by saying "Truly I have nothing to talk about this issue, it is also very personal"

However, trying to reach Jokate for a comment was unsuccessful

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