Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jokate And Ali Kiba Still Into Each Other... !

Three days ago it was reported Jokate and Ali Kiba have split, it is said Ali Kiba has been cheating on Jokate with his ex-girlfriend living in abroad read it here . But soon after the news of their alleged break up Jokate took to instagram to share the above hot photo with Ali Kiba just silently to tell haters they are still together, Even today the former beauty queen, presenter, actress and fashion designer shared a photo with Zabibu Kiba who is Ali Kiba's sister.

Kiba didn't post the photo Jokate shared, and it is said Jokate loves Kiba more than how he loves her. last week in an interview with Sporah Show Kiba admitted that he never approached any girl in his life so people even started to believe Jokate forced Kiba to be in love with.

What do you think ?

Jokate with Zabibu Kiba...

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