Thursday, December 17, 2015

Zari Angrily Responds To Those Criticizing Her Appearance In Diamond Platnumz's Utanipenda

Diamond Platnumz' new video/song "Utanipenda" is already a superhit but Zari's appearance on the video has been negatively criticized by some people saying she looked aged due to lots of make up. It seems Zari saw those comments on social media but she chose to keep silent, however she has decided to respond back after she posted a photo with Diamond on Facebook to promote her All White Party to take place today but again some fans kept talking about her appearance on the video. Below is what and angry Zari said....
"Need i remind some fools that this was a music video alot of make up going on here and sometimes it just doesn't do justice on a face. So if age is what is bothering you guess what. He knows there is alot of young hoes out there but then again he prefers this old ass right here. So suck that up and take several seats & wait for us to give f..cks... not anytime tho."

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