Thursday, December 24, 2015

Photos of Wema Sepetu's New Luxury Home At Mbezi Beach......But Questions Raise Over It !

Reportedly Wema Sepetu recently was chased out of the house she was staying at Makumbusho by landlord for electricity and water scandal , read it Here . But latest news is that Wema is already in a new home at Mbezi Beach(Ununio) and the house is bigger than the one located at Makumbusho. According to Globalpublishers the house is still new and it has four bedrooms, dining room, large sitting room, modern kitchen, toilet, loo and larger space outside enough for even 15 cars so if she decides all events she organizes will now take place at her home.

But there is a mystery whether Wema rented the luxury house or bought it, when the paparazzi asked a lady found there claimed she is Wema's sibling, she said Wema built the house and recently Petitman who is Wema's employee said Wema bought it. Wema herself was unreachable but when the paparazzi asked Martin Kadinda who is Wema's manager he said he was out of Dar he just arrived home so he will meet Wema soon then talk back to the paparazzi. And other people say Wema rented it !!!!..... Look more photos below..........

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