Monday, December 28, 2015

Halima Kimwana Blasts Wema Sepetu And Team Wema Over Diamond Platnumz's Success And Dominance

Diamond Platnumz' sister Halima Kimwana has lashed out at Wema Sepetu saying Wema is nothing without Diamond despite the fact that Wema and team Wema have been saying Diamond got success in the music industry through Wema's stardom. Halima who also won a dancing competition "Manywele Kimwana Wa Twanga Pepeta" more than 6 years ago yesterday took to instagram to blast Wema who dated Diamond in the past..

."at first you said he doesn't know music but he uses your stardom...he he heeeee but he has already left you with your stardom but still you keep talking about him, I believe without him you are completely nothing ha ha recent times you did many things but they all soured, you want kick from him, nothing new from you, people are tired of you, a lion(Diamond) is your size who doesn't know ???, I have no time to have a fake account everything will be here"

Though no blood ties, Halima is so close to Diamond and the whole Platnumz family but she never was good friend to Wema, and last year Wema was quoted as saying she will never talk to Halima and befriend with her, she said she hates Halima Kimwana more than anything else.

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