Monday, December 21, 2015

Diamond Platnumz Explains Why He used Jacqueliene Wolper In "Utanipenda" Not Wema Sepetu.

Actress Jacqueline Wolper appeared in Diamond Platnumz' recently released video Utanipenda, but some people kept asking themselves with no answer why Wolper because she used to date Diamond in the past and the video has also Diamond's current girlfriend and baby mama Zari The Boss Lady. Others questioned why Wema Sepetu isn't in the video if he decided to sing about his real life including love life and asked people related to the song to appear in the video because Diamond's love life with Wema was more publicized than the one with Wolper. Some suggested Diamond approached Wema to appear in the video but she rejected hence Wolper roped in. But speaking on Leo Tena on Clouds fm Diamond revealed "Me and Wolper respect one another, we are very close...among powerful stars, Wolper is one of them" said Diamond

When Diamond asked people say that he wanted Wema Sepetu in the video but she rejected thus Wolper decided to rescue him, he replied "not true, I never thought about that....there was a time some people were saying I was using Wema's popularity for personal gain, so I couldn't use her in any of my work even if it would bring her money, people would think it is because of her fame. You will never see any of my thing involving Wema...I have a team, I work so hard, saying I use one's stardom for personal gain is just like insulting my team/management"

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