Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Family Very Disappointed By Jokate's Pregnancy Before Marriage.....But Fans Smile And Thrilled By It !

According to new buzz, Jokate Mwegelo's family isn't pleased by the star being pregnant, Jokate's mother is so disappointed and even themselves didn't know about it till the media reported last week. According to Globalpublishers there was a family meeting discussing the issue but no conclusion reached. One family member spotted outside Jokate's home cleaning revealed....
"Jokate did hide it, but when you(media) wrote about it things went kaput, her mother had a meeting with other family members though Jokate was not ready to talk in detail about it, what I hear there is possibility Jokate will leave here and start living alone since her family claims she has brought shame in the family getting pregnant before marriage" said the family member

On the other side when Jokate reached through phone she didn't want to talk after knowing the call was from paparazzi and when a message was sent to her she didn't reply either. Ali Kiba who is said to be the man behind Jokate's pregnancy, his phone wasn't available to talk about the issue.

While Jokate's family is disappointed getting pregnant before marriage, Ali Kiba and Jokate's fans are smilling all the way and have been congratuting the two especially through social media since the news broke, however it still remain a mystery  since Jokate has not talk about it in detail.

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