Monday, July 13, 2015

Ubunge Is Not About Having Cute Face And Hot Shape: Lulu Shades Wema Sepetu ?

Actress Lulu Elizabeth Michael yesterday took to twitter to air her opinions concerning special seats of member of parliaments. She said that cute faces and big booty have no space in the parliament but those who are successful academically. Her tweet went viral and some thought the tweet is about fellow actress Wema Sepetu who has announced to run for special seat of member of parliament. Read her tweet below and what Lulu said on times fm after the controversial tweet.....

But speaking on The Playlist on Times fm the style icon said "It was a joke but also sort of truth because often some people think speacial seats are like gifts to give anyone you want, probably some people thought I intended it to someone, I'm not like that and I haven't such things things to do, it was a joke, but people should stop thinking that everyone who manages to be there should have hot shape and beautiful face"

What do you think....?

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