Thursday, July 16, 2015

Ray Vicent Kigosi Denies Bleaching His Skin,...... But His Answer Is Still a Puzzle.

In recent years fans have been saying actor Ray Vicent Kigosi is bleaching his skin after a sudden change especially on his face. But speaking with Bongo5 Ray declined using bleaching cosmetics.

"First of all I don't bleach my skin, the problem is Tanzanians don't understand, I don't bleach but life has changed, You know when you have tough life you fail to subsist(kujikimu), you fail to buy yourself clothing, you fail to do what you want at the right time, you become black because you have no money to subsist, but when you get some money to subsist, you have good life, you have  AC at home, your car have AC you can't be black. plus when you become a star you appearance and look must change, they think I'm bleaching may be they don't see well, I don't bleach, let them keep talking because you can't prohibit them talking" Ray told Bongo5

But many didn't agree with Ray's answer. And when you look at the above photos you will have the answer. The left photo was taken in the studio before bleaching allegations it was retouched but he still looked with his real complexion . The left photo was taken at an event and isn't retouched, it was taken when bleaching allegations have already started.


What do you think...?

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