Monday, July 13, 2015

My Godness !...Zari's Kids Are Fond Of Wema Sepetu, Want Their Sister To Be Named Wema + The Reason Why Ivan Wanted To Marry Wema.

According to sources Zari's three sons are big fans of Wema Sepetu who used to be their step father Diamond Platnumz' girlfriend and now their mom's arch rival. It is really unknown how they knew Wema but according to insiders they know her despite the fact that they live in S.Africa. The source says that one of the reason why Ivan Semwanga was approaching Wema Sepetu is because his kids love her. Thus, he thought if Wema becomes his wife there will be no problems at home.

Worse still, the kids know their mom Zari The Boss Lady is pregnant of baby girl and they once suggested their sister to be named Wema and when asked why they should name her Wema they replied because they like Wema Sepetu.

"Let me tell you, Zari's three boys like Wema Sepetu a lot, I think you know Ivan(Semwanga) approached Wema promising to marry her it is because his three sons like her too,  he thought he will have a peaceful home if he marries Wema, I don't know how the kids knew her but this is the era of internet and Wema is famous beyond Tanzania" said the source and quickly added "the boys are so naughty their mother(Zari) was in dilemma when they mentioned Wema in front of her and suggested to name their sister after her(Wema)"

Leave that aside, this week one of Zari's sons chatted with Diamond Platnumz so warmly via instagram.

Zari with her sons......

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