Monday, June 29, 2015

Wema Sepetu Will Make a Great Member of Parliament : Colonel Mustafa

Below is what the Kenyan rapper wrote on his instagram...

 "It is my distinct honor and pleasure to give my unqualified support to my long-time friend Wema Sepetu in her race for the Tanzanian parliamentary bid . Wema has distinguished herself over the years as a staunch conservative on fiscal and social issues, who stands resolutely on principle. I know she will support President partys as she seeks to let the people of SINGIDA keep more of their money via tax cuts, give them more freedom through fewer government regulations, and stand for Pro-Life and Pro-Family values. Wema will make a great member of parliament , because she has great courage, integrity, honesty, and character  Go wema Sepetu"

                                                     Colonel Mustafa

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