Friday, June 19, 2015

Photo: Zari Gifts Her Boo Diamond Platnumz 500 Million Worth Ferrari 548 Spider !

Diamond Platnumz posted photo of expensive Ferrari 548 Spider on his instagram page on Wednesday night and many including me thought they took it from someone else just for shooting Yamoto Band's new video Cheza Kwa Madoido in S.Africa. But according to Globalpublishers Zari gifted her baby dady to be Diamond Platnumz the expensive car worth more than Tsh.500 just to facilitate his work and other issues when in S.Africa because S.Africa now is their second home after Tanzania and Uganda.

Diamond himself speaking with Globalpublishers thanked his girlfriend Zari and praised her as a unique and very supportive woman.

"I'm so happy in my heart because till now I believe I'm in safe hands in this woman, I thank Zari so mucha, she is someone who likes everything I do to contribute even if it isn't necessary, to me it is a unique thing seen someone offers expensive car like this to someone else

"It has been so hard to me to get expensive cars when shooting my videos, but for this I think the situation will disappear following the support I get from my love, I believe there are few women who can do this, because I have been in the game for quite a sometime now so I have experiences of disturbances from these things" said Diamond whose video Nana is doing well in various African countries.

For those who don't know Zari has many expensive cars so gifting one to her boyfriend is easy.....

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