Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ali Kiba Chased From The House He Was Staying Owned By His Singapore Girlfriend ?, Jokate Is The Source.

Buzz is that Ali Kiba has been chased from the house he was living in, reports by Globalpublishers say that the house located at Kunduchi Beach is owned by Ali Kiba's woman who lives in Singapore but when the lady heard that Kiba is now dating Jokate Mwegelo she didn't like it at all so she decided to show Ali Kiba the door out.

 When Kiba asked by a paparazzi he said Jokate is his best friend not a soulmate, he also said that the Singapore based lady was not his lover and he was staying in the house for agreements.

Reportedly Kiba now lives at his mom at Kariakoo waiting to rent another home at Upanga.

The house owned by Singapore based lady..........

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