Monday, May 11, 2015

Wema Sepetu And Ivan Join To Promote Ali Kiba For Kili Awards Just To Hurt Diamond And Zari ?

It seems Wema Sepetu and Ivan Ssemwanga haven't moved on since their split up with their exes. Wema was dating Diamond but they broke up and Ivan was married to Zari but the broke up too and Zari ended up starting new relationship with Diamond and now they are expecting a child together. But since then there have been cold wars between Wema vs Diamond and Zari Vs Ivan.

Two days ago Diamond Platnumz negatively criticized Kili Music Awards 2015 nominations saying it was full of favoritism despite the fact that Diamond himself led the awards with 10 nominations (read it here). Apart from Diamond other industry's notable names including video director Adam Juma and fans slammed the nominations some saying Ali Kiba didn't deserve some nominations including video of the year through Mwana.

But since yesterday Wema Sepetu and Ivan Ssemwanga have been active on Instagram urging people to vote for Ali Kiba for his Kili Awards nominations so that he can win that means to overshadow Diamond. Something some celebs and fans translated it is meant to hurt Diamond and kumkomoa too. Below is what Ivan posted and wrote.........
Some of Wema's captions in those photos of Ali Kiba she posted include.........
“Im thinking Eye candy.... Dats da right post...”
“Too much cuteness on this poster tho......”
“I'm thinking Eye candy.... Dats da right post...”
“Campaign Inaendelea ama nene.... Such a cutie...!!! Like I said, either he gets it or nat, He still Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine....! Hihihihihi.... JustSayin...!!!”
NB: Wema Sepetu and Ivan have been rumored being interested in each other, Wema even said Ivan has been seducing her tirelessly, on the other hand the same Wema has been saying she is Diamond's fan so promoting and urging people to vote for Ali Kiba who is Diamond's arch rival is what gets people mixed up.
What do you think....?

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