Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Read Millen Magese's heart Touch Message As She Can't Get Her Own Child Like Other Women.

The international supermodel has been living with Endometriosis for more than 10 years and last year she openly came out to talk about her problem and start campaign to bring awareness to young girls, women and society in general. Below is what she wrote on her social media account....

"A woman's scars, my hidden scars, my own lonely world... when I cry, I cry for these young girls who will never know what their future will be. I cry as a woman now because I was once a 13 year old girl who had dreams to have a child with no limits. I cry for other women who don't have access to treatments, women who are betrayed by their loved ones because they can't have a child, women who are judged for not being woman enough. I am a very blessed woman with all the access to treatments but many African girls/ Women and women from all over the world suffer with this pain they can't control. A woman's scar ,the scar that can't be hidden is rather being judged as not being woman enough because they can't bare a child from different conditions like Endometriosis. Yes we have options but we must be able to afford them. ‪#‎ReduceCostsForInfertilityTreatments‬‪#‎VoiceOutForOurFutureMothers‬ ‪#‎WeNeedACure‬ ‪#‎SpeakOut‬‪#‎EndTheStigma‬ ‪#‎ManyFacesOfEndo‬"

We pray to God to hear her cry soon.............

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