Friday, May 15, 2015

Kajala And Aunty Ezekiel Gossip About Wema Sepetu For 30 Minutes !, People Want Wema To Change.

According to new reports Kajala and Aunty Ezekiel used almost 30 minutes to talk about Wema Sepetu. The incident happened recently at Aunty's baby shower in Bagamoyo. Remember we told you here Wema didn't attend the baby shower just because Kajala attended.

Now, Globalpublishers tells the same thing. At the event Kajala asked Aunty why Wema didn't show up to her important day?, Aunty told Kajala Wema has problems because if she has enemies or beef with someone she wants her other friends not to associate with her enemies something impossible to many including Aunty.

According to Globalpublishers paparazzi other people at the party joined Kajala and Aunty to talk about Wema saying that she should change because she likes to control friends and eventually they become tired of her and take their way.

 It is said that Aunty is unhappy with Wema because she doesn't want her to talk or associate with Kajala and Zari and the consequence is what we witness now.

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