Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wema Sepetu Neglects Aunty Ezekiel's Baby Shower Just Because of Kajala ! + Their Friendship In Critical Condition.

According to insiders Wema Sepetu and Aunty Ezekiel's friendship is getting weaker. sources close to the two celebs say that it has reached stages Wema neglects Aunty and even last weekend at Aunty's Baby shower party which held in Bagamoyo Wema didn't show up just because she heard earlier kajala will be there too.

"their friendship is getting into critical condition, let me tell you, Wema rejected to attend Aunty baby shower because she was told she will face Kajala there, Kajala and Aunty have been friends for long time but Zari's issue is what weakened Wema and Aunty's closeness" the source close to Wema and Aunty told Swahiliworldplanet

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