Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Davina So Angry of Ray And Almost To Fight After Ray Palmed Her Booty At Zari's All White Party.

Actress Davina Halima Yahaya is so furious with Ray Vicent Kigosi after Ray touched Davina'ass intentionally. The incident happened at Zari's All White Party at Mlimani City on Friday.

A source who witnessed the whole issue speaking with Globalpublishers said that Davina was with Mama Loraa and some other artists at their table. Then Ray who was already high(drunk) at that time came and started to palm Davina's butt. Davina was shocked by Ray's act and she got angry and almost to fight but Steve Nyerere came in between and urged the two to end the issue

"While Davina drinking with Mama Loraa, Ray appeared but he was already drunk and palmed Davina's ass, Davina became so angry and started to shout at Ray" said the source

"Davina raised her glass of drink and poured Ray while asking him why he touched her butt but Ray too became angry so they wanted to fight but Steve Nyerere appeared and asked them to end the matter" added the source

When Davina asked by a paparazzi about the incident she had this to say "I would like not to talk about the issue because it is shameful, not good act and it hurts me since it is abuse and why someone has to do so?" said Davina who has also worked together with Ray in more than three movies.

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