Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lulu Fires At Husna Maulidy, Telling To Mind Her Own Business , Husna Responds Back.

Lulu Elizabeth Michael and socialite Husna Maulid used to be friends in the past but these days they are in enmity. Apparently, exact reasons why they are in great hostility still not known  but rumors say that it is because of a man. Through instagram Lulu threw sheds to Husna and told her to mind her own business.
Apart from that some say that Husna is an attention seeker likes to have beefs with celebrities who are more popular than her, and sometime last year Husna also attacked Jacqueline Wolper in the media claiming she took her man but when Wolper reached by paparazzi to talk about it she said she decided to neglect Husna saying she is attention seeker and wants to tarnish her image. Below is what Lulu said on Instagram ......
Then Husna saw it and responded........

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