Sunday, October 26, 2014

Diamond, Wema Sepetu And Lulu Top Google's Most Searched Tanzanian Celebrities 2014 Leaving Behind Zitto Kabwe, Freeman Mbowe, Ridhiwani Kikwete And Hashim Thabeet.

Diamond Platnumz, Wema Sepetu and Lulu Elizabeth Michael have topped most searched Tanzanian celebrities on Google 2014. This list has been revealed by Tanzanian well-educated film writer, director and one of the leaders of Tanzanian film federation(TAFF) Bishop Hiluka.

Swahiliworldplanet agrees with this list 98% because Hiluka is a man who always believes in research, plus his publications(films) in the popular magazines including Kulikoni have been appreciated by many people, again he has written some books. And when we look closely those in the list always are in the media. The list also includes politicians including Opposition leader Freeman Mbowe, Zitto Kabwe and Ridhiwani Kikwete. Look the full list,

1.Diamond Platnumz.
He holds no.1 as his song My Number 1 is, The Tanzanian superstar this year got a lifetime golden chance for his multi-nominations in various award functions internationally including BET, MTV Africa and MTV Europe awards which led him most searched on google, plus his romantic affair with actres Wema Sepetu.

2. Wema Sepetu.
When you mention  Diamond Platnumz keep in mind you have mentioned Wema Sepetu too, her personal and love affair everyday make headlines in the media. Wema is the Tanzania actress with many fans in the social media
3. Lulu Elizabeth Michael.
When it comes to media space Lulu and Wema Sepetu come on top, she is talked about for her movies and personal life but her involvement to Steven Kanumba's sudden death unintentionally made Lulu talk of the town, since then her popularity grew twice, now everyone and everyday people want to know what the beautiful and talented Lulu is doing
4.Aunty Ezekiel.
She is an actress and she participated in Miss Tanzania 2006, her closeness and friendship with Wema Sepetu and Diamond Platnumz plus her allegedly affair with Minister of Tourism and natural resources Hon. Lazaro Nyalandu during their trip to U.S.A made Aunty a must read.

5.Freeman Aikaeli Mbowe
Because of the current political situation in the country, as CHADEMA's leader he is often in the media, plus the uncertainty of his recent photos and videos which have gone viral on the internet

6.Zitto Kabwe.
Zitto Has been searched this year mostly because of his political saga with Chadema

7. Tanzanian NBA player based in the U.S.A, recently he lost his number in his team, he has many followers on twitter
8.Ali Kiba.
 Tanzanian singer who got a life time chance to work internationally with R.Kelly, but he didn't show any interest  to go further doing his music internationally despite having great fan base in his home country, he has been  silent for about three years, but he recently released two singles. He has been in the news in recent months due to his allegedly rivalry with Diamond Platnumz

9. Ridhiwani kikwete.
Politician and son of Hon. president Jakaya Kikwete, few months back he was involved in public embezzlement scandal by Dr.Slaa, Ridhiwani came out to say he will go in court but he never did so

10. Ommy Dimpoz is closing the curtain in no.10. he is Diamond Platnumz best friends, his music is loved by money and he is followed ny many fans.

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