Monday, August 1, 2016

Mama Diamond Platnumz Surrenders Herself To Zari !

For a while now it has been reported Zari and her mother in law Mama Diamond aren't cooked in the same pot. Apparently Mama Diamond has been reported being close to Hamisa Mobeto and Lyn who are said to be Diamond's side chicks. It is further said that Zari and Mama Diamond's rift is because of their different lifestyles, Secretly Mama Diamond talks negatively about Zari and so does Zari. Although Zari has been making sure she makes her mother in law happy as recently Zari flew from S.Africa to Dar es salaam just to attend Mama Diamond's birthday bash.

But an insider talking with Globalpublishers said that Mama Diamond now has accepted Zari with two hands. Now Mama Diamond looks at Zari as a brave and courageous woman who not only did she gave Diamond a daughter(Tiffah) but also she changed Diamond to behavior as an adult, responsible man and looking forward for his further success something Mama Diamond never saw from Diamond's previous lovers.

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