Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Zulehah Responds To Mange Kimambi's Accusations She Is Zari's First Child Not Little Sister.

Since yesterday top Tanzanian controversial blogger Mange Kimambi has been posting series of instagram posts about Zari Hassan. Mange says Zulehah Hassan who many know her as Zari's little sister is not true but she is her first child and she gave birth to her when Zari was 14-15 years old and still schooling back then. Mange claims she got the news from insiders close to Zari's family because Zari has been hiding it for years now. Mange and Zulehah's posts have been going viral due to Zari and Diamond's huge popularity.

"This is not Zari's little sister. Zuleha is her daughter. Ndo mwanae wa kwanzaa... Yeleuwiiiiiiii... Jamani ni mwanae huyuuuuu wa kumzaaaa.... . Na Huyu Zuleha ana mtoto that means Zari is a grandmother." wrote Mange on one of her instagram posts.

Zari is yet to respond to Mange but Zulehah has respond to Mange's allegations by posting two photos below with her sisters when they were still young with caption "who is you mama"

It is believed that Mange started attacking Zari since yesterday after Zari got fed up by Mange's frequent harsh posts about her. About two days ago Zari had Snapchat posts about a lady being divorced by her husband and the post is said to be for Mange who has been living in the U.S.A for years with her white husband whom together they have two kids.

But for those who don't know. Mange is the one who discovered Wema Sepetu back in 2006 to participate in Miss Tanzania which she won the title. Thus, Mange defends Wema for everything and because Wema dated Diamond Platnumz and then broke up, Mange has been attacking many of ladies who dated Diamond. So even when Zari started seeing Diamond the controversial blogger with influence started attacking her and even Diamond himself so frequently on her blog and instagram . Although according to reports Wema was the one who dumped Diamond not Zari who destroyed their relationship. Zari come into Diamond's life after separation with Wema.

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