Tuesday, May 17, 2016

They Are Back !... Idris Sultan's Strong And Romantic Message To His Ladylove Wema Sepetu.

They have been a bit silent talking about love life but they are back. He posted Wema's photo on Instagram and wrote....

"I am proud to say the mistakes we have made have not only made us stronger but better, faster, wiser, love too strong, stronger than any of us. We ni kasumbufuuu, unasusasusa, wivu ndo usiseme, kugombana hadi kulia but in the end of the day i will open my arms na utajileta mwenyewe utaniangalia usoni and tell me "I hate you" and lay on my chest. I will smile and say "I love you too". We have gone through heaven and hell and now you're my bestfriend, family, wifey, lover you're my cherry 🍒 😉. #WolfQueen 👑"

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