Thursday, April 21, 2016

Photos: This Gorgeous Model Is Trolled By Zari's Fans Suspecting Her Seeing Diamond Platnumz.

The past few days haven't been good to model Lynn who appeared in Kwetu music video by Raymond from WCB under Diamond Platnumz. Apparently, Zari's fans have been trolling her suspecting she is dating Diamond Platnumz secretly. Apart from being trolled by Zari's fans , Lynn is supported by Team Wema and as we all know Wema dated Diamond before their break up so it is clear Wema's fans would like to see Zari and Diamond parting ways anytime and by any means.

For a while now, Lynn have been posting photos of Diamond on her instagram, plus she has a lion tattoo on her back. Lion(Simba) is another nickname of Diamond so Zari's fans think it is a sign of love to Diamond and they conclude she has already slept with the superstar.

It is said that, Zari too have been alarmed about the gorgeous model and Zari became furious with Diamond after hearing the rumors which have been strong on social media. However, Lynn haven't responded anything about it despite strong and harsh comments she has been receiving from Team Zari. Check out Lynn's pics below........

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