Friday, March 25, 2016

Zari Phones Kajala And Tells Her To Stay Away From Boo Diamond Platnumz !

There has been rumors Kajala and Diamond are seeing each other though  they both denied such rumors. A few weeks ago Kajala confirmed she was pregnant and rumor mongers said the man behind it was Diamond, again they both denied it and later on Kajala said she had miscarriage. But latest buzz says Zari recently called Kajala and warned her being too close to her boo. An insider tells Globalpulishers ....
"One day I was with kajala, she got a calla after picking it up she discovered it was Zari, Zari warned her about interfering her love to Diamond, Kajala kept didn't respond anything, it seems Zari blasted her hardly" said the source

When Kajala asked by a paparazzi about it she was astonished and said "who told you such news?, people like gossiping too much"

Diamond on the other hand when asked about Zari and kajala he said he was on his way to Sweden and those are women issues so he didn't want to talk about the two.

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